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3 Tips For Making the Typical Casual Outfit More Glamorous

Are you looking for a way to take a typical, casual outfit and make it more glamorous? Sometimes an occasion does not call for formal or exotic wear, but would be an appropriate occasion to dress a little more nicely than your typical casual wear. Luckily, there are a few simple ways in which you can spice up your casual wardrobe, without making too large of an investment. The addition of a few accessories, or small changes can go a long way towards making a casual outfit a bit more formal for occasions in which you do not want to overdressed or underdressed. A few of the ways in which you can take a casual outfit, and make it a bit more glamorous include;

Add a Shrug

The addition of a shrug over any type of outfit, can really be a solid addition. Shrugs are often worn with evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and other women’s clothing that would normally be considered to be formal wear. A shrug, however, does not have to be limited to formal wear. the addition of a shrug to casual outfits can still look great, without making you looked overdressed. When choosing a shrug, try to find a color and a design that will compliment your outfit, but not look too dressy in the process. Just because shrugs are typically worn during formal events to cover your shoulders when wearing a strapless dress does not mean that it isn’t necessarily a great addition for casual wear as well.


The addition of accessories can also allow you to make a casual outfit more glamorous. The types of accessories that could be added to a that regular outfit in order to spruce it up include ear rings, bracelets, and more glamorous necklaces than you would usually wear with your typical outfit. This, along with other accessories, such as additions to your hair, or a more glamorous hair style. Small additions and accessories can take a plain old everyday outfit, and turn it into something glamorous, allowing you to dress up for a special event without feeling overdressed.

Shoe Selection

Another way to make a basic outfit more glamorous, is through this shoe selection. The simple addition of some high heels, or other shoe that is more known for being worn at a formal event can really change the entire look of an outfit. High heels raise the heels, allowing your legs to look longer, and are especially effective when wearing a skirt. The shoes can make or break an outfit, and choosing a more glamorous shoe, to make the outfit is a whole appear to be much more glamorous.

There are many ways in which you can spice up a casual outfitted with the addition of a few glamorous items, such as a shrug, high-heeled shoes, and other accessories. If you are going to an occasion which may be appropriate for slightly more formal wear, but not appropriate for full on formal outfits. A happy medium Mr. were a casual outfit, and spice it up with a few small, more formal or glamorous items.

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