Bags You Need To Have

BagsBags. We all love bags and have at least one in our closet. Some of us have so many bags we don’t know what to do with them while others abuse their one single favorite bag until the straps fall off and we sadly decide to buy another one. With so many options, colors, designs, sizes, which bag should you buy? There are a few bags that every woman should own which will give her versatility and complete her outfit and setting each time. The top women’s handbags you should own include:

An Everyday Bag- Everyone needs a bag that they can use every day from day to night, from office to the mall. If you are looking for an everyday bag look for a comfortable, solid color that has a lot of pockets, a zipper, and has long enough shoulder straps so that the bag won’t be sliding of every time you move. Black, brown, gray, white, or even mahogany are all great colors that are perfect for any season and match with all of your outfits easily.

Evening ClutchClutch/Evening Bag-Today there are many beautiful clutches available from different colors and shapes to little straps, long shoulder straps, or no strap clutches. Clutches are great when you are going to a party, wedding, gala, club, or an evening with the girls. All you need is you lipstick/lip gloss, money, credit cards, ID, keys, phone, and you’re good to go and have some fun!

Crossbody Bag- Whether you are a teen, a college woman, or a mom, you know how important it is to have a crossbody bag that frees your hands for multitasking. Crossbody bags are fashionable, come in various colors and styles and can even be used as shoulder bags. It’s like having two bags in one!

Tote Bag- whether you are eco-friendly or not a tote bag is a must! Totes allow you to go shopping in style and fun. Whether you’re a college student or a mom, you can place everything from diapers and wipes to laptops and notebooks in these handy bags.

Coach WristletWristlets– If all you need for the day or night is a credit card and your keys, then you need a wristlet! Wristlets are cure bags that have a strap that goes around your wrists, hence the name wristlets. These bags are perfect for the club, grocery shopping, night outs, or even on fast lunch breaks, where you need to run out and get something quick to eat.

So next time you are out shopping first decide which bag you are missing and find something that is fun and versatile as well as within your budget.