Different Types of Lingerie

For men and women that want to learn more about lingerie today is your lucky day. Lingerie is a broad category that comes in a huge variety of styles, brands, designs and of course purposes. The sexy things we see in intimates stores that sometimes we are afraid to touch or buy are the lingerie. There are over 40 different typologies of lingerie but we will take you down to the basic ones.

Babydoll-This is a type of nightgown that is short and loose fitting. If you or your partner does not want you to wear old worn out PJs, babydoll nightgowns are a way to spice things up and look sexy.

-Bras-Bras are considered intimate wear but there is such a huge variety of bras that are very sexy and fit in the lingerie category. Push-up bras and sheer bras are just two of very sexy bras that enhance your bust or show off your breasts.

Bustier– A bustier is a garment that pushes up the breasts and slims down the waist for a smoother look. A bustier is worn to make an outfit look better and to enhance your chest.

-Camisole-A camisole is a sleeveless shirt usually comes in spaghetti straps, made out of cotton, sometimes silk or satin, nylon, or spandex. A camisole is like a tank top but meant to be worn as an undergarment.

-Chemise-A chemise is similar to a babydoll except that it fits more tightly around your body.

-Corset-A corset is a garment that tightens the torso and gives the body and hourglass appearance.

-Garter- A garter is a piece that helps hold up stockings in place. Today there are also garter belts or suspenders that are worn around the waist and you hook up the suspenders around the stockings. This look is very sexy and can be worn under clothing as well as for the intimate pleasure.

G-strings and thongs– Underwear can cover as much or as little as you want and g-stings cover the least. G-strings and things both are sexy and expose your rare end cheeks. G-strings and thongs are also great to wear under clothing when you do not want the outline of your underwear to show through.

-Negligee- If you want a sheer, long gown to wear to bed that is sexy then you to purchase a negligee.

-Nightgown-A nightgown comes in a variety of styles for the young and old alike. Nightgowns are light and usually incorporate lace around the neck and can be above or over the knee length.

-Stockings- Stockings come in a variety of styles and colors but are designed to be worn under garments or skirts. Stockings are very popular in the bedroom as well.

-Teddy- A teddy is somewhat a bodysuit that is combined of camisole and panties to create one piece. A teddy looks like a one piece bathing suit but comes in a wide variety of styles from sexy to purely exotic. The great range of styles is what makes a teddy great and suitable for everyone that wants to spice things up and bring some passion into the bedroom.

Today, looking sexy especially in the bedroom is easier than ever. There is a huge selection of intimate lingerie that is perfect for different women, their shapes, and their sexual comfort. If you want to look sexy and try something new, start off small like a new push up bra and a pair of sexy thongs and work your way up to an exotic teddy piece. Another way to look sexy is to simply stop covering up or hiding behind layers of clothing when you go to bed and slip into a beautiful chemise or nightgown. New and old relationship can have their downfalls and can create a dry period in the bedroom, so make sure to bring back some steam and be creative. Looking and dressing up sexy will give you more confidence in yourself and your body. Be safe and embrace your bodies!

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