Different Types of Suits

For an interview, we know that we should wear a dark, navy blue suit to make a great first impression and that is all we know about suits. Today, you will find a great range of suits that are right for different occasions and event. When looking to purchase a new suit, you want to look for something that will flatter your body in all the right ways. Now, you will learn more about different types of suits:

Pantsuit– Men have been wearing pantsuits since their time, yet for women it is something rather new.  Pantsuits should fit right but not tight! When testing the pants, you should be able to fit two fingers under the waistband to know if it is a perfect fit. If you are a petite woman, make sure to purchase your suits under petite section and have them tailored if they still touch the ground. There is nothing attractive about pants dragging along the ground getting dirty and this can make you appear even shorter!

Skirt Suit– Skirt suits are great for the office or on a lunch date with your friends. The skirt and the jacket should match and be from the same fabric to pull off a professional look. Like pants, you have to make sure that you can fit two fingers in the waistband to be certain that the skirt is the right size. You should be able to sit and walk comfortably in your dress suit without the skirt rolling up or you tugging it down.

-Dress Suits- A dress suit comes with a dress and a suit jacket. Dress suits come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors which makes them practical for a lot of occasions. For elegant events like weddings and dinner parties, look for a dress suit with details such as ruffles or beadings. Dress Suits look best in satin, silk and taffeta.

-3-Piece Sets- Sometimes you will see 3 piece sets that come with a jacket, pants, and a skirt. These sets are great because you do not have to buy two separate suits.

When we do not want to wear a dress, a suit becomes a great option. Suits are great for work, dinner parties, lunch meetings, weddings, and other special events. For work, look for suits in solid and neutral colors and pair it with a white blouse. For a casual look, you may wear a colorful blouse and accessories with chunky jewelry. When it comes to jackets you should know that an inset waistline will create curves and if you do not want this then go for a straight-cut jacket instead. So next time you are looking for a suit, do not just think of office looks consider a suit that can also be work out to a casual event with friends as well. Everyone needs at least one great suit in their closet for a job interview or a particular event, so get yours today!

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