Finding The Right Women’s Shorts

Ladies ShortsWhether you are tall or short, it is the summer or spring, shorts are great. Whether you want to go extremely short or be modest, there is a perfect pair of shorts waiting just for you! Just like finding the right pair of jeans, shorts might take some time especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. When choosing a pair of shorts you have many different options; styles, lengths, and materials, so make sure to check them all out and give them a chance. Some basic tips for wearing and finding the right pair of women’s shorts include:

-If you have a toned body and legs of steal, show them off! Choose a pair of pleats shorts and pair them off with a nice top. Short pleats will make you look and feel sexy, will show off your legs, and are practical for those hot summer days. For a night look, throw on a sexy sparkling jacket or blazer; roll up the sleeves, and let out the glam-diva!

-For curvier ladies, choose a mid-length pleats that are loose and will not cut off your leg circulation. You want a pair of shorts that are breathable and still stylish so you can flaunt your sexy legs. If you are afraid to try on a pair of pleats go for longer-sleeker shorts. You may choose a pair of longer stripped shorts or even go for bold colors.

-Romper shorts are also a great style that is in and can help you feel extra sexy. If you are curvier on top, stay clear of rompers as they can exaggerate your shape more. When choosing a pair of romper shorts make sure that nothing is peeking out or too tight. No one wants wedgies.

-If you choose a pair of flared-out shorts, make sure that your shirt is tight and not loose. This will even out the look and make everything look sleek and well put together.

-Remember, if you want to wear a pair of shorts and look sexy, make sure to put on a pair of heels or wedges instead or flip-flops. Pumps will also help elongate your legs and make you appear taller.

-Shorts show off your legs which means you need to make sure to shave! Make sure to check your legs front and back before you leave the house for any missed spots.

-Tanned legs are sexy legs and help minimize the look of veins and marks. If you have no time to go tanning or hit the beach, use a tanning lotion daily or even a bronzer for some shimmer.