How To Create A Layered Look

Layering is a huge trend and you are just one of the many people that want to try it. While layering is great and creates a fun and unique look, it can take a little time to master. If you want to try this awesome trend and build a fabulous outfit by layering, here are some simple rules to follow;

Sam Lavi Sports Jacket-Put your thinnest shirt or layer on first

-To add layer, put on a cardigan, vest, or even a button down shirt, or a blazer

-Make sure to wear short sleeve or sleeveless shirt underneath and only one or two layers of longer sleeved items

-To make sure that the outfit it now bulky or make you look larger then you are, always add a belt to accentuate your waist

-To balance the look, if your tops are heavier, make sure the bottom is well fitted and skinny

-Another tip to keep in mind, don’t over-layer on your arms. This is why you need to keep the under-shirts sleeveless and only have or shirt, blouse, or blazer with long sleeves

Some great examples of layering include:

Jones York Cardigan-If you wear a plain white blouse with dress pants to work, try adding a colorful scarf and a belt. For added layering, throw on your blazer and roll up the sleeves a bit for a fun look.

-For a fun layered look put on a lace camisole, add a sheer blouse, put on a sleeveless vest which you can button up, and throw on your swing jacket. While all this sounds like a lot, all the items are thin, well fitted, and will not give you a bulky finish.

-Wearing a ruffled shirt that is well fitted and pairing it with a cardigan or a blazer will give you a layered look without needing other bulky items or shirts.

-These days you can find shirts that come already attached to one another, giving you the perfect layered look and complementary colors

-If you want a hobo, bulky layered look, then adding over-sized jackets, blazers, or sweaters can help you create this style. Just remember to still balance the bottom half by wearing fitted or skinny jeans.

-Adding accessories can also be a great way to help layer a look. An example would be to wear a dress with a blazer, belt it, and put on a chunky necklace that pulls the whole look together.

So next time you are wondering what will you wear or if you are wearing a layered look, now you will know. Fashion changed all the time so if you are not comfortable with a layered look, there are plenty of other styles that might work for you better.