Layering In The Summer

Layering has become a very popular trend in the last years and it is here to stay. While we have probably learned by now that layering is great for fall and winter, it is also great for spring and summer. Knowing how to layer during the warmer days will help you stay cool and dry whether you are at work, out with friends, or on a lunch date. Here are some tips as how to layer during spring and summer where you can be comfortable outside and inside in cold air-conditioned rooms.

Collar JacketWear a Blazer– A black blazer should help keep you warm in the cold office, buses and trains, and you can easily take them off when you are outside. Black goes with everything from suits to dresses and your favorite jeans.

Pick a Cardigan- Cardigans come in all kinds of fabrics, styles, and colors, which makes it easy to fill your closet up with a variety of them. When it comes to choosing a cardigan you can go to no buttons to one button, to cute bling or detail on the side or around the collar and so on. With so many different options, you will have a cardigan in every color and style in no time!

Jones York CardiganSheer Tops- Sheer tops are lightweight and will allow for air to travel through so that you are not hot and sticky in the bus or at work. Sheer tops might not be perfect for everyone especially those working in offices but you can pull it off by wearing a shirt underneath and a light blazer over. For a casual look put the sheer top and layer it with a light jacket.

Light Cotton Blazer- These days you can find a number of different colored blazers from full sleeves to ¾ sleeves and so on. Light cotton blazers are easy to carry and wear and will still keep you warm inside cold quarters.

These are just some of the ways you can layer during the summer so that you are comfortable whether you are eating your lunch outside or typing in a cold office. When layering, make sure that what you wear under the layer is appropriate and doesn’t show body parts you want others to see. Remember, you will be taking the layers off eventually and in public so make sure that you are comfortable with that you have on. Don’t forget to accessorize even in the summer, with a belt, scarf, pumps, or a cute clutch or handbag.