Summer Swimwear Trends for 2017

‘Tis the season to wear lighter clothes and enjoy the sunshine! In no time at all (if not already), you’ll be at the beach tanning and soaking up the gorgeous sunshine. If you do not want to wear your old bathing suit or need to replace your outdated bikinis, here is a list of some popular 2017 summer swimwear trends. This is a short list of the hottest swimsuits trends for summer of 2017 that you’ll love!

Summer Swimwear Trends for 2017

High-Waist Bikini: Whether you’re trying to tuck away the weight you gained during winter or you want to show off your sexy waist, these bikinis are great either way! High-rise bottoms are very popular this summer and you’ve probably seen plenty of models and celebrities wearing them.

High-Neck Tops: If you thought high-waist bikini bottoms were in trend, just wait till you see high-neck tops! If you are going to purchase a high-neck top you can pair it with a small bikini bottom or a high-waist bottom.

Side Cut-Outs: One-piece bathing suits are in trend this summer. A bathing suit with cut-outs are stylish, sexy and cover all the right places. You can choose a bathing suit with side cut-outs or front belly cut-outs that show off a bit of your sexy abs.

Off-the-shoulder Bikinis: Another fashion trend that’s visible is the of-the-shoulder apparel. This includes off-the shoulder bikini tops. If you have a larger chest, these tops are a great option and will help keep the girls in place.

Ruffles: You will also see ruffle off-the-shoulder bikini tops and bottoms with ruffles. If you have a smaller chest, ruffles can help add some volume.

Floral: Another great 2017 swimsuit trend is floral print. You can find great floral bikinis or floral print one-piece bathing suits.

Mesh: If you haven’t seen mesh apparel during spring and winter, you’ve been living under a rock. Mesh has become so popular that you’ll see it in bathing suits as well. One piece suits with mesh are going to make you feel sleek and sexy!

These are just some of the few great summer swimwear trends you’ll see this year. If you’re ready to hit the beach, be sure to rock one of these stylish and beautiful swimsuits!