Types of Dresses

There are so many types of women’s dresses that it is truly hard to know where to start. There is a dress for every occasion, event, body type, design and so on that it becomes a wonder land when we go shopping for one. To make sure your next shopping experience is great and that you are not clueless when shopping alone or with friends, we have a simple way of organizing our dresses. We have created a short list of some dress categories that will make you look good and fashion savvy.

Sweater Dresses– This one is quite simple, dresses that look like a sweater and are comfortable. Today you will find a great range of sweater dresses that you can wear all year round with a pair of boots or heels or over a pair of leggings. Sweater dresses are perfect for any look, day or night and can be dresses up in a variety of ways.

Casual Dresses– A casual dress is a broad category of dresses that look comfortable and can be worn during the day. A casual dress can be worn in the house or when you are out doing some shopping or picking up the kids from school. Casual dresses can be strapless, bustier, ruffled, belted, long sleeved, a sundress and so on.

-Sundress- A sundress is meant to be worn during warm days and is usually light colored. Sundresses are usually made of cotton and are lose fitted. With a sundress you do not need to wear a sweater or layer on other pieces of clothing.

Wear to Work Dresses– This is somewhat of a new category that makes it easy for women to know what is work-appropriate when it comes to dresses. Some type of dresses that are appropriate are shift dresses, mirren dresses, A-line dresses, and flared dresses. When it comes to work you do not want to show off too much cleavage or legs. Above the knee dresses are fine but no miniskirts that barely cover your behind.

Night our or Cocktail Dresses-So you want to go out with your girls or have a cocktail party to attend and don’t know what to wear. When it comes to cocktail dresses, women tend to look for black dresses. A night out or cocktail dress should be sexy and sleek but appropriate. Some ideas for either one of the occasions are tank dresses, strapless, halter dresses, one-shoulder dress or a pencil dress.

These are just few of the dress categories you can learn to recognize. Other dress categories can be something like special occasion or prom dresses. For these, you might consider wearing a long dress or something elegant but not over the top. When it comes to dress shopping, you really should ask for professional advice if you do not know where to start. Different dresses, colors, and designs do not flatter everyone the same way. For more information on dresses, you might want to read “What Shape Are You?”.

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