What Cup Size Are You?

Finding the right bra can truly be a challenge and lead us to backaches and headaches if we do not know what we are doing. Today, we do not have to be self conscious about being flat-chested, but can camouflage this fact with padded bras. Who wants to look flat when we do not have to and plus no surgery necessary! If you have a nice cup size that might make people wonder if you had any surgery done, then you might not want so much attention. If you have a bust there is no need for extra push up instead look for a minimizer bra instead.

Many of us go around with bras that are either too big for us or too small. If your chest is popping out from your bra and looks too stuffed in chances are the straps are way too tight or your bra is too small. If you bend down and your chest is exposed to your audience while your bra is down way low, chances are your bra is way too large. You breasts should not be way down low, they should be up in a straight direction fully supported by your bra. Saggy breasts can make you appear older then you really are and what woman wants to be told she is older than her true age?

Now for the fun part, how do you know you are wearing the right size bras? To truly know your size it is best to have your chest measured at a real bra fitting. If you are shy and want to do this yourself at home then have a tape measure ready. First, measure your band size by placing the tape around the back and under your arms to the front. If you get an odd number simply round to the next even number. To know your bust size, place the tape around your back and around the front of the fullest/biggest part of your chest. To get your cup size, subtract your band size from your bust size and you will know which cup size you are. For example if your band size is 34 and bust is 36 inches the difference gives you 32, which indicated a B cup.

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