What Shape Are You?

Shopping can be fun or a true disappointment depending on whether or not we know our body. This year if you want to know what look is best for you then first you need to assess your own bodies. There are a lot of women out there that do not what to look at their bodies and have no idea what shape they are or what styles would look best on them. To help you know your body better we have broken it down into five basic shapes.

Straight or Banana Shaped-This means that you are flat chested and have no waist or hips either. The styles you should be looking for should be well fitted with an Empire waist. A-line skirts can also help create curves you don’t have and one shoulder styles create a dramatic silhouette.

Apple Shape– An apple shaped woman is someone with the narrowest point is at the ribs or just above their natural waist. If you want to draw attention away from your middle, you should wear empire waist dresses with neck details and A-line or full skirts that will help create an hourglass-like shape.

Pear Shape Bodies– Being a pear shaped means that you have a smaller chest and wider hips and behind. Fitted open neck tops or strapless tops will draw the attention away from your hips and into your chest. Full or A-line skirts hide your hips while an Empire waist enhances the smallest part of your form.

Hourglass-An hourglass woman is someone that has curves, a full chest and a nice waist and full hips. The next time you are shopping, look for adjustable waist styles and classic sheaths.

Full Bust– Full bust women have a bust that is bigger than their hips or rear. V-neck styles will actually draw attention away from your bust and help shift the eye to the bottom. A-line and full skirts with details at the hem also help balance out the look.

So, the next time you are ready to go shopping make sure to look at your own figure and jot down the things you should be looking for. Expensive dresses and bright colors might not give us the attention we deserve if we are not wearing the styles that are right for us.

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