Women’s Costumes 2014

gamoraCostumes are a great way to dress up, let loose, and enjoy being someone else for a day. Women’s costumes are great for dress up parties, special events, costume conventions, Halloween and even for role play. Every year new costumes are made that are influenced by movies, shows, and even cartoons. This year, exotic women’s costumes 2014 are sexier, powerful, and sure to spice things up. Some of the popular 2014 women’s costumes include:

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Costume-This is a sexy black and green jumpsuit with gray accent. With this jumpsuit you also receive black gloves. With a little green makeup or purple sprayed hair you will look sexy and ready for action like Gamora. This costume is great on its own and can even be worn with high boots and a leather jacket for an outside casual yet sexy look.

Women’s Disney Maleficent Christening Black Gown– If you loved the movie, you will love the costume. This is a gorgeous black dress with sculpted shoulders and bell shaped sleeves. The costume also comes with a horn shaped hat and a brooch at the neckline. This costume is great for comic conventions and Halloween.

Leg Avenue Women’s Vixen Pirate Costume– Pirate costumes are always in style and every year they get sexier and more dramatic. This costume is no exception! With this pirate costume you receive a red and black dress that is super sexy. When you put this dress on, you will feel like a bad-ass pirate!

barbarianWomen’s Barbarian Warrior Halloween Costume– Game of Thrones is another great show that has inspired a lot of costumes, one being the Barbarian Warrior. This costume includes the beautiful faux leather dress with gold trim and a sexy slit on the right side. With a wig, you will look as powerful as the Dragon mother herself.

Doremo Frozen Elsa Costume– Frozen was a great animation movie that not only made every child want to sing and dance, but it also inspired adults to “Let it Go”. There are a lot of different Elsa costumes but this one is magical with a long blue dress with nylon and mesh. The long sleeves and bodice are embellished with glitter and sparkling stones.  This costume is also great for mothers who want to dress up with their daughters.

These are just some of the different and popular women’s costumes of 2014. A costume is like a good pair of women’s jeans-you can never have too many. You need a few good costumes for role so make sure to add them to your women’s exotic apparel.