Women’s Halloween Costumes 2016

womens-halloween-costumes-2016Every year new Halloween costumes emerge and we can’t wait to see what’s available. Most Halloween costumes are inspired by movies and television shows, which we love. From Orange is the New Black to Game of Thrones, the choices seem to be expanding every year. This year the women’s Halloween costumes that you will see include:

Women’s Ghostbusters Movie Costume– This year Ghostbusters was redone with an all-women main cast. The movie also included majority of the original cast members but only for a minute or so. If you loved the movie, you can grab a sexy version of the Ghostbusters suit or an original-looking costume instead. Hopefully you won’t catch any real ghosts when you step outside in your new Halloween costume.

Supergirl–  A lot of people did not think the show Supergirl would last, but it proved them wrong. There are Supergirl Halloween costumes that will surely get all eyes on you and make you feel powerful! Hey, that’s the power of a good costume!

Alice In Wonderland– You can be sexy Alice or a female version of Hatter, it’s up to you. These Halloween costumes are sexy and colorful so you’ll be noticed at your next Halloween party.

Wanda Maximoff– Another great character is Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlett Witch. She’s a Marvel Comics character that was seen in Captain America movies and Avengers. Her costume is sexy but not revealing so if you’re not too comfortable showing off your goods, you will like this costume.

Wonder Woman– The movie will be released in 2017 but this costume is popular every year. Who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman?

These are some basic women’s Halloween costumes 2016 that are great choices. You don’t have to look at movies and television shows to get inspired, instead choose a costume you want to try. Don’t wear the same Halloween costume every year; be adventurous! Halloween comes only once a year so take advantage of it and enjoy every minute!