Women’s Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

womens-fall-2016-fashion-trendsEvery year we can’t wait to watch fall fashion week, where designers go crazy and reinvent our style. This fall you’ll see bold looks but will also find something that you can easily pull off.

Fall 2016 Trends Include

Navy Inspired Clothing– You will see a lot of navy-inspired coats and even pants. These coats will have patches, be in navy color or a combination of both. You will even see navy inspired sweaters and blazers.

Velvet –If you’ve ever wonder what you would look like in a velvet shirt, now is the time to try it out. Fall 2016 fashion trends include velvet everything, including velvet trousers, skirts, and dresses.

Shiny Leather– This fall you will see a lot of shiny leather and pleather including jackets, pants and even shirts.

Shearling Coats– A variety of shearling coats will be available for your wearing pleasure. Shearling coats are lined with sheep wool. These coats are sure to keep you warm. If you don’t have the budget for real shearling, you can purchase faux shearling coats that look just as good.

womens-fall-2016-fashion-trends-2Floral Print– Here we go again, floral print is in style once again and larger than ever! You will see large florals on pants, dresses, shirts, and jackets. Don’t be afraid of it; embrace the floral!

One Shoulder– You are going to witness one shoulder shirts and dresses like never before. You might think you’ve woken up and you’re in the 80s but rub your eyes and you’ll realize that it’s just 2016 fall fashion trend.

Gray Plaid– Plaid, like leather, is always in style but this year you will see all shades of gray plaid. Gray plaid skirts, gray plaid dresses, gray plaid suits and pants, all day all night gray plaid!

Wild Fur– When I say wild fur I mean statement fur! You will see some crazy shades of fur, whether real or faux, and you’ll even see it on dresses. I don’t know if I’ll be joining this trend but maybe you should try it for me and let me know how it goes.

Try 2016 Fall Fashion!

These are just some of the popular fall 2016 fashion trends you’re going to see pop up everything. Hoodies, long sleeves and tinsels will also be prominent this fall 2016. Embellished gloves as well as yellow and pink attire will also be flaunted by many. Whether you want to update your look or be trendy, choose one or all of the above looks and go for it! Be bald, be brave and show off your fashionista!