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What Coat To Buy For Your Figure

Every woman should have a coat in her closet waiting for the fall or winter days, even in the spring you can utilize your coat. When it comes to coats, it is just as hard as shopping for the right pair of jeans. Every coat will not look the same on every woman so make sure you know what looks good on you before you splurge and buy.

Petite figures- Look for coats in knee length because long coats will make you appear even smaller and will not flatter your shape. Look for coats that have an empire waste or belt bodices to give the impression of a longer body.

Straight figure- Having no curves means looking for ways to make them magically appear. If you have to curves, look for a coat with ruffles, a princess-shaped silhouette or double tier. For the taller ladies, look for longer coats or trench-coat with a belted style to create a waist.

Round/Apple Shaped- If you have a belly and want to disguise it then look for a ruffled opera coat that is roomy and not clinging to your body. You can also look for single-breasted styles, straight-cut, or subtle A-line styles. Try to avoid oversized buttons or pockets near the waist as this will add more attention to your mid-area.

Pear-Shaped figures- When you are slimmer on the top and bustier on the bottom then look for peacoats. A double breasted peacoat with military style will look perfect on your body.

Busty figure- Great options for busty woman are kimono-styles coats and deep V-necks. You should stay away from high necklines and double breasted styles as this will add more attention to your bust and will not look too flattering.

Flat-chested figures-When you have a small bust then you need to opt to coats with details at the top. Classic trench-coats will look great as well as draping at the shoulder, wide seems and lapels. Straight or boxy silhouettes should be avoided by any flat-chested figure.

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