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Fall 2011 Fashion What To Wear

It is hard to keep up with all the trends out there so we are here to help and do it for you. Every year the fashion seems to change in order for us to ditch the old and purchase the new trendy things instead. If you want to start your 2011 fall in a stylish way, then here are some tips and styles that are in this year,

-Pelpum coats, vests, and blazers are in this year and give any woman a nice silhouette even when you pile on layers of clothing.

-Mustard hues and polka dots are in this year but if this mustard hue is not flattering on you, then do not wear it. Polka dots are fun and if you are scared to try a full blouse or dress in polka dots start off with a scarf instead.

-This year, rust/copper like colored coats are in this fall. Try this new and fun color on and do not be thinking it is a depressing or older color; it is playful and looks great on almost everyone.

-Tired of leggings and women's jeans, this fall slip into of maxiskirts and pair it off with a nice sweater. Try this look you will be surprised by the comfort and cuteness of it as well.

-Instead of going for a leopard prints, try the new camouflage inspired looks instead. And if you like to show off your sexy legs and still wear a long dress then you will love the new slip up dresses that split your dress in the front to give you ease while you walk.

-Another trend in dresses that is in are 70s inspired dresses that are midlength and flowy in bright colors. This look is great for work as well.

- Another thing you will see this fall is colorful pants, green dresses, and plaid suits as well as lace.


So this year do not over-think about your style, pull out what you have in your closet and add a few more items so that you can complete your look and stay trendy all year round.

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