Fashion In Your Fifties

It happens, it is part of life actually, we get old and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Hitting that 50 years mark is when we know that we are mature, have been through a lot in our lives, and now things can get better for us since we are wiser, or at least we hope they do! Being 50 or getting there means that you have to start dressing more age appropriate but does not mean to put on your mom jeans again or be in khakis every single day! Today, the fashion for mature women is light, airy, and very fashionable which can make you look and feel years younger! So whether you are 50 or older, listen up and start dressing up your age!

-Every mature woman should have a nice white blouse or shirt, a little black dress, nice fitting jeans NOT mom jeans, and a trench coat. Having these four items will make your life easier and they are essential for looking your best and creating many stylish looks.

-Getting older means you’ll be having hot flashes out of nowhere and that is why you need breathable or light fabrics. Good breathable fabrics are cotton and linen.

-When it comes to choosing dresses and skirts, make sure the length goes just above your knees or right under them. If the skirt hits you below the knee then make sure it is a pencil skirt.

-When it comes to choosing the right neckline, look for a modest V-neck or a boat-neck top. You do not want to show off too much of cleavage but if you are wearing a deep V-neck top, make sure you have an undershirt to cover the girls.

-Most women when they get older are more self-conscious about their arms and want to cover them or hide them. The best way to do this is with flowy shirts and sleeves. Best sleeves to go for ate sheer, bell sleeves, 3 ¼ sleeves, and sleeves with a slit.

-Scarves can be your best friends and can give you cover, style, warmth and comfort. If you are wearing a dress and want to cover your arms, a scarf is a great way to do that. With a scarf your plain shirt can be given a pop of color and your face can lit up right away. Scarves can also help hide your neck which can sometimes be a dead giveaway of your real age.

-If you want to stay modern make sure to use the current fashion accessories and have the right handbag. Invest in a good, trendy handbag as well as a few accessories like heels, belts, and jewelry pieces.

-If you want to look your best in any clothing piece you wear, then make sure to find the right bra and wear a shapewear that can create a smooth and even look and even give you an hourglass figure. Bras are also very important so make sure to get fitted for the right bra and help the girls stay up where they used to when you were younger.

-And lastly, you are not a 20 year old and most likely don’t have the body of one either. When purchasing cloths make sure they do not cling on your body too tightly or that they are too loose; you want your garments to just skim your body and help you create a flawless look.

So if you’re looking in the mirror and are wondering if you’re wearing the right thing, just look through our list again and figure out your new style. Age is just a number and should not stop you from feeling and looking good. Whether you are 50 or 80, you can always benefit from keeping yourself with the latest styles and dressing appropriately.

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