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How To Dress Slimmer

Who has bought an item just because it was on sale and looked cute but never had the right opportunity to wear it, forgot all about it or ended up making you look huge? Well I am sure that most of us can say, been there done that, I included. When it comes to clothes, most of the time we look for bargains and other times we swipe our credit cards with our eyes closed but we hope that the item will make us look leaner and of course cute and stylish. If you want to learn how to dress slimmer and what to look for on your next shopping trip here are a few suggestions:

-If you have curves, show them off and stay away from boxy outfits. A boxy outfit will hide all the beautiful womanly curves you have and will make you appear dull and drained. If a thin belt that is too high, it is doing more damage than good to your overall look. Instead, look for a fitted dress that has an asymmetric top and keeps the eyes moving towards the face. A knit fabric that hugs the body will help show off those sexy curves which will make you appear slimmer.

-If you are like me and have a little extra belly to show off for, then you probably look for outfits that will help hide and diminish the appearance of your stubborn belly. Ruffled, tight tops or dresses can actually do the harm to your outfit and draw the eyes towards the area more. Instead look for a top that does not stick to your body and that is loose around the middle. Also, look for some interesting beading or accent around the neck to help bring the eye upwards to your face not your middle.

-Ok so for some women, they are blessed with childbearing hips and they see it as a curse instead. If you have large hips, try to stay away from short tops and tight jeans. This will just draw more attention to the specific area. Instead, look for a straight black skirt and a blazer that hits right at the hips. This will help you appear slimmer and less round around the hips. Also, look for a nice draped top that is longer than your hips. Make sure the top is well fitting and not baggy as this will make you look larger then what you really are.

Other great tips to looking slimmer include:

-Avoid turtlenecks if you can as they will make your face appear rounder and chubbier. Unless you have a skinny face and want to add a little meat to your appearance, go with turtlenecks.

-If you are trying to hide your belly, do not use large belts or embellishments as this will draw the eyes towards the item.

-If you are a petite women, make sure to wear a dress that is a little above the knees to make you appear taller and slimmer. If you are a tall woman, any type of dress that is below the knees will look good and you can pull off a longer dress with a higher waist perfectly.

-We all know or have heart that black makes us look slimmer but so do other darker colors like gray and navy. If you are worried about looking too dark, add color with fun accessories like belts, shirts, and jewelry.

-Stay away from baggy clothing as it will make you look worn-out and larger then you are. Instead look for fitted clothing that is not too tight or clingy.  

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