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Incorporating Iridescent Into Your Fashion

Every year we look forward to new fashion and this spring and summer we get to incorporate iridescent into our wardrobe. While the idea of incorporating iridescent into your fashion might seem odd or you are thinking ‘No way! Not for me!” maybe I can change your mind.

Iridescent material appears to change color when you move or when sunlight is present. Just pick up a CD or a DVD, turn it around to its back and as you move it in your hand you will notice different, almost rainbow-like colors appear. That is the power of iridescent material. While the material might seem scary or overwhelming, it can be easily incorporated into your fashion. You can use iridescent material in:

  • Dresses-If you are not afraid of fashion, color, and standing out, dry a gorgeous well fitted iridescent dress. There are a lot of different iridescent dresses which means that you do not have to jump for the most shiniest and brightest. You can choose everything from shimmering blues and purples to grays and beige. You can find everything from long and short dresses to flowy iridescent dresses and so on. Whether you want a dress for the prom, a wedding or a girl’s night out, there a great iridescent dress waiting for you! From colorful iridescent to subtle iridescent the choices are endless and always beautiful!
  • Shirt- If you are afraid of shiny iridescent dresses try something smaller like iridescent shirts. There are many great women’s tops and tees that are iridescent and will give you a little pop or interest to your outfit. You do not have to be a teenager to wear shinny, shimmering, or iridescent color shirts. Remember, all iridescent shirts are not overwhelming or BAMM in your face, there are subtle colors you can choose from as well.
  • Blazer-Another great way to add color or shine to your outfit is by choosing iridescent jackets and blazers. Even the very stylish Kim Kardashian was seen wearing an iridescent cream blazer so why can’t you? An iridescent blazer can make even your blandest outfits more glamorous.
  • Handbag- If you are still skeptical of the iridescent fashion trend, try it on an accessory like a cute handbag or a clutch. That will help you feel like you are part of the 2014 trend without overpowering your wardrobe or making you self conscious.  You can also choose a pair of sexy and fun iridescent shoes like flats or women's pumps.

Just because iridescent is in, it doesn’t mean that you have to be pressured into wearing it but you should give it a try. It really is an incredible material that gives you a little color, pop, interest and shimmer. Stop hiding in the shadows and incorporate iridescent into your fashion!


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