New Fall 2012 Fashion

Fall 2012 is here and fashion is all around us, more wild and colorful then ever! This fall, you will see a lot of fabrics, prints, and deep rich colors, and I’m sure you’ll easily find something that will fit your style and shape. This fall you will see:

-Mixed Greens- This is making me very happy since I love green and wear it pretty much every other day! The fall 2012 collection is going to be full of different colors of greens from bright greens like chartreuse to deep rich olive greens. Another things that will be in, is mixing all these greens together! I will surely be trying on this look this fall.

Navy- In fall 2012, navy will become the new neutral color! Dark navy will be everywhere and it is usually my second go-to color so I am happy about this trend as well! Navy and black go hand in hand and navy and white look gorgeous together as well (one of my favorite ways to wear it).

-Leather on the bottom-Yes you might have a leather jacket but do you have a pair of leather pants? This fall it is all about the leather, on the bottom! Whether it’s a pair of jeans, shorts, leggings, or skirt, you’ll see it all around you and should give it a try. Make sure to balance the whole look with neutrals and don’t just try black leather, try on a shade of brown as well. You can mix leather with soft fabrics and shiny leather with matts.

-Digital Prints-We got used to the whole animal print trends and florals now we have to get used to another print? Yes! This year, fall will be filled with digital print clothing that looks like patterns were printed or painted into the cloths. You will see everything from floral and stripes to abstract patterns.

-Masculine Inspired Fashion- Well if you have a pair of men’s jeans or boyfriend jeans, throw them out and try something new! In fall 2012 you will see men inspired feminine fashion meaning a lot of tailored jackets, masculine prints and fabrics, as well as a more masculine silhouettes clothing. So if you are one of those women that don’t like everything clinging to your body, you will love the new set of masculine inspired fashion.

Fall is here so get ready for it and get to shopping! Pieces that you buy this season are sure to go well into winter and spring. Remember, most pieces can easily mix-and-match and if you can’t find three ways of wearing it, don’t get it! Happy fall 2012 everyone!

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