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Perfect White Summer Dress

We have all heard about and hopefully have at least one little black dress in our closet waiting for that event or special occasion in order to wear it. Well now there is another dress color that should be present in your closet and is as important as a black dress; a little white dress! You don’t have to be a bride in order to wear a white dress because any woman looks amazing in white! The summer days are approaching and all of your light and white colored apparel should be ready! White is the perfect color for the summer because it repels the sun’s harmful rays away from you which means that you will be sweating a little less. So if you are looking for the best white dress for you, here are some suggestions;

-Choose a dress that best suits your body. Look at our What Shape Are You article to find our which dress style will look the best on you.

-Select a thicker or lined fabric so that your undergarments don’t show and that you are comfortable. Thicker material is also better for winter white lighter or lined material will be great for the summer.

-When selecting a white dress, tanner and darker skin-toned women can go with white but if you are pale choose a creamier or ivory color which will complement your skin.

-When choosing a fabric look for a material that will not yellow over time or after just a few washes. If you want to keep your white dress white, consider taking it to the cleaners instead.

-Make sure to wear nude shapewear, slips, bras and panties, not white or any other color as they will be seen through the material. When choosing a nude color, look for a color that best compliments your own skin tone.

-You can wear your little white dress to work with a blazer, a belt, and black and white pumps. To change the look around for the night, take the blazer off and put on some metallic pumps instead, pick up your matching clutch and you are good to go.

-Do not choose white accessories with your white dress! White on white will give you a bland look and will wash you out. Instead choose bright accessories that match such as the same color belt, shoes, and scarf.  For work, you can accessorize your white dress with wood, bamboo, or other natural accessories.

Summer is right around the corner so be ready and purchase your little white dress! Don’t stare at other women and wonder if you should buy a white dress too, just buy one! If you want to use your dress year long, make sure that it is a sturdy fabric that is lined. Every women deserved to wear white and not just on her wedding day!

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