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Pieces of Lingerie Every Women Should Have

Sometimes we look into our lingerie drawers and we can’t find anything to go seamless under our clothing. This would probably be the time you wonder if you should have purchased a different bra or shapewear. Well, to make sure that this does not happen to you again, we made a list of lingerie products you should have in your home that will come in handy when you need them.

There are so many bra varieties, shapes, and sizes, that we just end up buying what’s pretty and is on sale. In reality we should have three extra bras; a T-Shirt bra, convertible bra, and a nude bra.

-T-Shirt bra is perfect under tight or thin pieces of clothing. This bra is great because it creates a nice shape for your breasts without adding any padding.

-Convertible bras are perfect when we have strapless tops, low-back style dresses, one shoulder tops, and halter tops. Some convertible bras even have deep fronts that are perfect for v-necks. If you want every top or strapless dress to look perfect you will certainly benefit from owning a convertible bra.

-Nude bras are perfect for those days when you want to wear light or white clothing. When you are buying a nude bra, look for the one that best fits your skintone.

Now that we covered the three different bras you should have, let us move on to panties and tights. We all want to look good in a dress, skirt, and even white colored shorts and other pieces of clothing and we think that thongs and g-strings will do the trick. In reality the best panties to have are seamless knickers.

-Seamless knickers feel and look great and best of all are seamless! Even thongs sometimes ruin a dress or an outfit because we can see the outline and they can create extra bulge in our bodies. Commando brands are great seamless knickers and come in a range of colors and styles.

-Every woman needs a few pair of good sheer pantyhose. Pantyhose give your legs the shine and smooth look you want without any mess or added lotions.

-Black tights are very fashionable and great for the fall and winter. With a great pair of black tights your legs will be warm, look great, and you can wear your summer clothing and dresses over them.

-Now what woman does not want to look and feel sexier? With a pair of stockings and garter belt it is impossible not to feel sexy! Garter belts and stockings fit perfectly under any piece of clothing and will make your partner’s jaw drop down. Who doesn’t want that?

-If you want an hourglass figure, make sure to have a nice shapewear slip always ready at hand. Shapewears are great because they tuck away the little bulges and give you a nice, smooth figure.

You have your bras, your panties, and your tights, now what else could you possibly need? To finish your day off, slip into a nice comfortable babydoll lingerie and cover yourself with a comfy robe. Babydoll lingerie is simple, cute and makes you feel sexy, rather than wearing your old and worn out PJs. With a nice robe, no one will know what you are wearing underneath and the surprise is fully up to you.

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