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Six Women’s Halloween Costumes for 2019

Before you know it, Halloween is here and you’ll be searching for the perfect costume. Instead of waiting the last minute, be prepared and have the best women’s Halloween costume in your closet. This year we have seen some amazing and powerful women on and off screen and it’s no wonder we want to emulate them. If this means dressing like them to feel powerful and sexy, so be it. The below list are some great women’s exotic Halloween costumes for 2019.

Captain Marvel-By now you must have seen Captain Marvel, unless you live under a rock or hate the Marvel franchise. If anything, you might have seen Kylie Jenner’s post dressed up as the popular superhero. This custom is sexy, figure hugging, and covers you up. It’s perfect for anyone that wants a great Halloween costume but doesn’t want to show off every skin part. It’s also ideal if the weather is cold and the party is outdoors.

Princess Jasmine-Aladdin is back and adults are loving it! If you’ve wanted to be a Princess, Jasmine Halloween costume is perfect! Show off a little belly and enjoy the long dark hair with this beautiful costume for women.

Mother of Dragons-While Game of Thrones is over, Daenerys will always be in our hearts! Her sexy blonde hair with sets of braids and strong stance will stay with us forever. This Halloween remember this beauty with her various costume options. Enjoy a long flowy dress or a shorter dress with a cape and add a dragon neckless to remember your babies.

Assassin Sofia- John Wick 3 is out and Halle Berry is sexy, powerful and a badass! You can easily create her look with booties, leather pants, a black low v-neck shirt, and an embellished long see-through robe. You can tie the look together with a large belt and if you have a German shepherd dog, well bring him along to complete your look.  

Dark Phoenix- Another anticipated movie is Dark Phoenix, which has a powerful main character, Jean Grey. The red wig or hair alone should give you powers and make you feel invincible.

Morticia Addams- Just in time for Halloween, the new Addam’s Family movie will be out! Get ready and have your Morticia Addams Halloween costume ready and show off your sexy legs and cleavage.

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