Spice Up Your Golf Wardrobe

Golf is a great sport where men used to be predominant players, but not anymore! Women have started playing this great sport for decades now in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Today golf has come a long was especially in women’s fashion! If you are tired of going on the golf course with your white shorts and women's polo shirt, listen up and get ready to have a new favorite golf outfit!

-This year do not be afraid to mix and match different pieces of clothing. Layering is not just great advice for your regular wardrobe but also when it comes to your golf outfits as well.

-If you love your polo or collar shirt, layer on another thinner shirt over it with your favorite pattern or print. Take the shirt off later in the game and show off your polo.

-You don’t have to wear white shorts or skirt to your golf course any more, put on a patent skirt instead. Pair off the skirt with a tee that has a little bling or even a reference to golf.

-These days you can find a number of fun golf shirts that have sun protections build in the fabric so you can play longer in the sun.

-Print is popular on everything from shirts and skirts to bags and accessories. Wear your favorite print shirt with the same colored skirt or shorts and add a touch of color to your outfit with your socks or accessories.

-Shoes do not have to be plain on the golf course at all! Buy a pair of pink or your favorite color plaid shoes and make your outfit stand out.

-Capri pants are also great options for those ladies that want to cover their legs a little more. Capri pants go perfect with most of your shirts and you will look super cute.

-Your outfit is not the only thing that should get a makeover; bring some fun color and pattern to your golf clubs and personalize them to your own taste.

-Your socks, gloves, and hats should be fun and stand out from your outfit or match with it. If you love your regular golfing wardrobe but want a little style wear colorful or bring socks or other golf accessories like gloves.

-If you want to be extra sexy and glamorous on the course, put on a pair of white slacks with a nice color shirt like turquoise or pink and accessorize with your hat and gloves.

Golf is a sport that requires strength, patience and a great technique so why not play it in style? Next time you are with your girls enjoying the sport, make it fun, make it unique and don’t forget to add a little color, layers, texture, and patterns to your golf-drobe.

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