Time To Put On Something Different!

Being a woman is not easy, especially having to shop all the time and always trying to look our best. Most of us have a large closet full of items that are either very similar or that we have price tags on them still and have yet to wear them. It is said that most of us only wear 20% of the wardrobe we have in our closet and it is absolutely shocking but most certainly true. If you do not want to be part of the statistics, then there are plenty of ways you can start expanding your style by simply going through your closet!

-Since most of us tend to wear the same combination cloths, next time mix it up! Take your favorite piece like your pencil skirt and put on a colorful top that you wouldn’t think of wearing.

-Break up your same suit routine and see each piece as a separate item. Put on your cute fitted dress, add your suit jacket, belt it and voila! Adding the same colored belt, necklace, or bag will help pull the look together.

-Another great way to add interest to your cloths is by mixing different patterns and colors together. Mixing casual and mescaline pieces is also a great way to spice up your outfits.

-Most of us can create a whole new look by just adding a few simple and bold accessories. Layering on few different necklaces can make your simple black dress pop out and look totally different!

-If you love to wear your red skirt with a white or black blouse, change it! Throw on a blue or gray plaid blouse and belt it with a matching belt to help you create a gorgeous new look.

-Most of us gravitate towards the same few pieces all the time because they are what is in front of the closet and at our reach. Go through your closet and bring out different colored tops, blouses, and dresses to the front of the closet so that you can easily incorporate it with your other go-to pieces.

-If you love to wear suits, change it up but using the jacket and throwing on a skirt or a dress instead. Pant suits are supper easy to dress up by simply using the pants of the suit, adding different and bold colored tops and instead of a suit jacket, put on a sweater or a cardigan instead.

So next time you say that you have absolutely nothing to wear, go through your closet and think again. Arranging your cloths in advance can also help you wear new items. Going down your closet each day is also a great way to switch up your boring routine.

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